Thank you for visiting my shop, I hope you’ve already found here what you want - if not, feel free to ask me about customization. Your orders and your feedbacks allow me to continue working on my models and constantly improve them, as well as working on popularization of babywearing in Israel and worldwide.


A few words about us:Alina.jpg

I am a Mama of 2 homeschooling boys (June 2007 and August 2009), a little girl (February 2014) and a wife to the husband who maintains my passion on babywearing.


How it started:

When I was expecting my first baby I was picturing to myself how we will be together, and how much joy we will share.

My son was born slightly before time, with low weight and a weak stomach. He needed to be close to me all the time, and I wanted to give him all intimacy he needed, but I still needed my hands to be free at least part of the time.

When he was two weeks old I used a wrap for a first time - he fell asleep in seconds and I finally could take care of some things at home. The next day I even took him for a walk and discovered the option of discrete nursing without the need to hurry back home or carry a bottle with expressed breast milk or looking for some place where I can breastfeed him. Nursing outside became an easy and natural process, like it should be.

Carrying my baby became an amazing revelation for me. With baby sling it became easier to be close to my son and to quickly respond to his needs, thus he became calmer. I then started trying different kinds of carriers, but I couldn’t find the one that would be ideal for me and breathfull for the hot Israeli summer. Then I made my first MT and it was so comfortable for me, and even my friends was curious and read to try something that was so new and different for them from what they was used to.

I became interested in every aspectil_570xN.849435045_qtu4 (1).jpg of baby carrying, always reading, learning, looking for more information. At 2009, after my second son was born I graduated ClauWe's babywearing courses.



With two kids, babywearing became more than a matter of interest, for me it was the only possible solution.

As a practicing and active consultant, I see babies, newborns and grown every day - all so different but always seeking for proximity, and this gives me the strength and passion to keep working on new models, improving and checking each detail, to make the babycarring most affordable, simple and physiological. I design my carriers considering child physiology and ergonomic carrying for adult.

As part of my work I also develop models which allow baby carrying in special cases - for adults with health limitation and for babies with medical equipment. I consult parents of children with disabilities, premature infants and children with special needs, I also conduct courses for babywearing consultant at Israel.

As of today, there are 6 people working in Topa-Top besides me, 4 professional seamstresses, an administrator and a courier. All of them are moms who love their work and are working in good conditions. All Topa-Top carriers pass through my hands in the initial stages (planning and cutting) and the final stage (quality control and packing).

The Topa-Top purpose is to allow babywearing for all mothers, to make ergonomic quality carriers available for every pocket (that's why I'm trying to keep a wide range of products and price dispersion). I also think that motherhood and babywearing can be beautiful, fashionable and stylish, so I like your photos that you can share with me.)