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Hoppediz Floating Balloon Cover

100% cotton, tested for harmful substances (carrier fabric of the HOPPEDIZ® baby slings)

With our envelopes for balloons you will always have a ball at hand that does not need much space. They have been developed for therapeutic use (e.g. back school, PEKiP Prague Programme for Parents and Children, physiotherapy, etc.).​

The envelope is very easy to handle. Push the balloon through the slot into the envelope and inflate it until the envelope is filled. You do not need to tie the balloon but you can push the twisted end below the strap of the envelope. 

Special features of the HOPPEDIZ® envelope for balloons:

  • Will be delivered with 2 balloons.
  • Fits in every handbag.
  • Available in many colourful HOPPEDIZ® designs.
  • Elaborately worked and very robust.

100% cotton,  (carrier fabric of the HOPPEDIZ® baby slings)

washable up to 60°C 

Dia. approx. 25 cm