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Topa-Top Tandem full buckle


I appreciate comfort and accessibility which woven wraps provide, and really believe that it's a best option for baby carrying. Yet I am aware that using Mei Tai or full buckle soft carrier is easier and more comfortable for most parents.

So while developing my carriers I make them similar as much as possible to woven wraps in their functionality and in the way the weight is being spreaded. At the same time my main priority is to keep the carrier ergonomic, keeping the right (frog) position and providing support for baby's spine and hips while.

Our full Buckle carriers came a long way from development stage and to the final result, to allow the most comfortable carrying for babies and parents with different constitution.
Similarly to Topa-Top’s Mei Tais, our Full buckle Carriers have a wide range of adjustments and a lot of carrying options.

To help you in choosing the most convenient carrier for you, here is a short review of two models of full buckle soft carriers by Topa-Top:

Basic characteristics

  • This carrier fits from 6-7 month and to 6 years (22 kg). This carrier is mostly suitable for a very big childrens. Due to wide range of options, the full buckle carrier allows ergonomic position for children of all ages.
  • Possible carrying positions: front, back and hip carrying
  • Allows discreet nursing
  • Allows crossed and parallel straps position in front and back wearing.
  • Wide padded belts
  • Wide padded shoulder straps
  • Made from 100% natural fabrics (linen and cotton), woven wraps or fabrics with the same structure and properties.
  • Highest quality Nexus buckles
  • Perfect for a hot weather.
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in Israel
  • This carrier is made and tested on professional equipment, according to all safety standards, using only high quality materials
  • All carriers are coming in comfortable package bag, which can be used for carrying small things, like diapers, mobile phone, little snack e.t.c. 


Straps length from 67 cm to 47 cm (from 26.4 inch to 18.5 inch)
Body panel:
width from 26 cm to 44 cm (from 10.23 inch to 17.3 inch)
height from 38 cm to 58 cm (from 15 inch to 22.8 inch)


  • Ergonomic adapting waist, which allows comfortable carrying to slim parents (waist length min 54 max 140 cm) It also allows different waist level and high back carrying position.
  • Waist buckle adjustable for left or right hand .
  • Protection security, gum on belt and shoulder straps
  • Ergonomic back that has 4 levels adjustment in the width in order to provide full support for spine and hips from 6 month till 5 years old.
  • Top adjustment of the back.
  • 3 ways to adjust shoulder straps
  • Adjustable sternum
  • Comfortable and ergonomic hood which can be packed compactly when isn't in use

  • Washing temperature 40°C/104°F (warm)
  • Never use bleaching agents
  • Use water softener if your water is hard
  • Dry-spin on gentle cycle only
  • Avoid high temperatures, especially in the dryer